This application represents the very first part of the Crowhurst Neighbourhhood Plan Process. 

Area designation Letter

Application for the designation of a neighbourhood planning area as required by part 5 of The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (as amended) Regulation 5 – based on the Parish boundary of Crowhurst 

Crowhurst Parish Council, as a relevant body under part 61G(2) of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990,wishes to apply for the designation of Crowhurst Parish as a neighbourhood planning area.
Crowhurst Parish Council has produced an Action Plan, published in 2014 for the period 2014 - 2019
Crowhurst Parish Council is a relevant body as defined in the Act, and will establish a working group of councillors and residents to lead the work.
Crowhurst Parish Council anticipates a draft plan will take 24 months to produce.

A statement setting out why Crowhurst Parish boundary is appropriate to be designated as a neighbourhood area:

The land within the Crowhurst Parish boundary is the administrative area of Crowhurst Parish Council.

In defining an appropriate area for a Crowhurst Neighbourhood Plan, the Parish Council initially considered links with neighbouring authorities. Crowhurst Councillors liaised with Catsfield Parish Councillors to explore collaborative action. It was established that developing a joint plan was not practicable. Furthermore, Hastings Borough Council has recently produced and approved a comprehensive and detailed local development plan covering its own administrative boundaries. Therefore, Crowhurst will develop an autonomous plan but include appropriate methods for coordinating with adjoining authorities and their plans as and where necessary.

Crowhurst Parish Council will develop close links with local key stakeholders. The Working Group will invite and encourage participation from as many sources as possible in developing the neighbourhood plan.

Crowhurst Parish, as defined by its administrative boundaries, is self-contained, has meaningful boundaries, reflects the existing local sense of community, and is generally meaningful and coherent for policy making purposes. Crowhurst Parish boundary is considered the most practical and appropriate neighbourhood area for the development of a Crowhurst Neighbourhood Plan.

Crowhurst Parish Council believes that it has the experience and commitment, and can call upon sufficient resources to be the relevant body for the development of a Crowhurst Neighbourhood Plan for the purpose of Section 61G of the Town & Country Planning Act 1990.

The Council resolved at their meeting on 12th October 2015 to seek approval of the parish area as its Designated Area for a neighbourhood plan.

We look forward to having the Designated Area confirmed, so that we can move forward to the next stage of the process.

Area Designation Map



There are several task groups in which Crowhurst resident volunteers work on issues like communications, land use, heritage and the environment  These groups will make a huge contribution to the final Neighbourhood Plan document. 


This page contains the legal stuff! Our policies, data protection information, terms of reference and frequently asked questions about the Neighbourhood Planning Process. 


Your pictures of our village.  Views, buildings, sheep, trees, dogs..... we want to see what makes you happy about Crowhurst. Please send you photos to :

Towards the end of 2016 we met with staff and pupils at Crowhurst Primary School and Claverham. Given that our consultation  with local schools will be ongoing we have created a new dedicated website page links, notes and information about our school visits. 

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